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Divisions & Squadrons


3rd Havoc Platoon – Battles may be won on space or air superiority at times, but wars are won on the cold (or hot) hard earth, through grit, determination and comradery. Third Platoon, also known as "Havoc Platoon" possesses determination to emerge victorious and puts cooperation to the forefront in achieving their objectives. Equipped with a diverse set of tools, the 3rd Platoon is never out of answers against oppressive forces that plagues the 'Verse, whether advancing on foot or leading a Nova tonk charge.


8th Crimson Current Squadron - Originally the elite fighter Squadron of the mercantile corporation, Glaciem Interplanetary, the reformed Crimson Current Squadron acts as the backbone of Liberation Front's means of achieving space superiority through the use of single person operated craft. Ranging from tiny snubcrafts to the legendary F8C Lightning, this squadron is found at the very thick of struggles and resistance efforts.

Fleet Victor 1 - Liberation Front's first organized fleet with the designation "Victor 1", is the primary offensive and defensive arm of the fledgling militia, composed out of a vast range and size of multi-crew operated ships ranging from small light gunships to imposing Idris-class Frigates. Fightercrafts of Crimson Current Squadron also operate out of Carriers of Victor 1.

While primarily stationed at Nyx system, either individual capital ships or small formations of gunships patrol and reinforce fellow liberators and resistance fighters found out throughout multiple systems. Fleet Victor 1 is where expert gunners, helmsmen and keen-minded commanders are born.


Logistics & Engineering - In the 'Verse, every ship needs supplies, maintenance and robust damage control, with crews across all affiliations ensuring their respective ships are in top conditions. However despite the best cargo runners, engineers and utmost care, accidents happen, provisions dwindle or overwhelming amount of damage is taken.


In Glaciem Liberation Front, thats where the Logistics & Engineering Division brings their experience and creative solutions to the table as a one stop solution to supplies, maintenance and recovery concerns. From performing EVA repairs on a disabled thruster to breaching blockades to deliver critical items, Logistics & Engineering is the struggling civilian's lifeline, one comm away.



Commander Premier - The commanding Officer of entirety of Glaciem Liberation Front, the individual holding this rank oversees all elements, decisions and relations of the revolutionary militia. Current holder of this rank and position is Michael "Shooter" Richards.

Commander - They are the right hand of the Commander Premier, aiding in all matters of Glaciem Liberation Front while carrying enough authority to oversee whole divisions and fleets. In addition to their field duties, Commanders also maintain outreach functions to maintain relations with other organizations. 

Captain - These experienced individuals, while not part of the highest commanding body, still holds enough esteem to assume auxiliary positions and leading individual squadrons, platoons or task forces. Becoming the bridge between backbone of Liberation Front and decisionmakers, Captains are a vital element in most aspects of the militia.

Major - A distinguished rank earned by equally distinguished Lieutenants. Majors signify camaderie and dedication, embodying the values of Liberation Front and strengthening it as shining examples lower ranks can look up to. While they preserve the versatility required in field operations, Majors are usually specialized in certain aspects within their squadron or platoon. While higher ranks can grant the honor of being a Major to a Lieutenant, fellow Majors can also nominate someone for promotion.

Lieutenant - Cadets that have chosen their paths and got familiar with the militia's operations are promoted to be Lieutenants. As they become more than fresh recruits, Command's expectations concerning their capabilities also increase. Lieutenants are encouraged to further specialize in their chosen squadron, division or platoon.

Cadet - The fresh faces and new blood of Liberation Front. While they usually lack experience of higher ranks, Cadets represent future potential, provide growth, newfound ambitions and fresh perspectives to Liberation Front. They are not mere numbers or cogs in machines, as each new Cadet brings their own story, cause and destiny to achieve, intertwined with the Liberation Front. Cadets are expected to choose their path within the militia and have a mind open for improvement.

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