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Glaciem Liberation Front was born out of the Glaciem Interplanetary Recovery & Mercantile in its roots...

Glaciem Liberation Front was born out of the Glaciem Interplanetary Recovery & Mercantile in its roots, transforming the mercantile corporation from within.


In early 2954, increasing security concerns at Nyx-Stanton corridor, combined with Vanduul threat and XenoThreat’s series of strikes where fledgling corporation of merchants and recovery teams operated in Virgil, Pyro and Stanton respectively caused far more aggressive voices to rise within Glaciem Interplanetary and gained enough influence, especially within the Security Division of the corporation. These voices and Security Division's ethos eventually found their place amongst Board of Directors as well.


This new collective of advocating more of a militaristic stance and proactive ideas did not come to prominence for mere violence however. They were filled with zeal and a sense of emphaty and comradery for those that could not defend themselves or ship captains suffered while traversing the systems, be it their ships or crews. Repeated sieges at Orison laid by NineTails and Hurston Dynamics’ ever-continuing exploitation of its workers merely added to this newfound fervor, over time mixing with revolutionary tendencies towards Hurston, drawing inspiration from various sources. People’s Alliance of Levski, Citizens for Pyro despite their Hurston connections for their relatable cause and Worker’s Party movement against Hurston.

Within mere months, the fledgling mercantile company transformed into a full-fledged militia force, hellbent on keeping Nyx safe and secure from both Vanduul and organized gang threats, while also liberating oppressed workers from Hurston and aiding Citizens for Pyro movement. The militia took the name Glaciem Liberation Front and secured a foothold within Stanton, adopting an UEE-Neutral view and sympathy towards Crusader Industries due to their struggle against NineTails. A rented office space for public facing matters in Cloudview Platform on Orison for easier outreach and finding like-minded individuals as well as the Seraphim Station acts as the militia's staging grounds at Stanton.

The Liberation Manifesto

We have watched, amazed by, at the same time, concerned for our home. Nyx. The home to people of all walks. Be it political refugees, miners chasing the next profitable asteroid, liberated Hurston worker laying low, volunteering civilian keeping the Humanity's biggest threats beyond the jump points or the merchants that prove to be lifeline of Delamar and HEX bases scattered across vastness of Glaciem Ring.

We look at the bigger picture and what do we see? Our home, trapped between wandering, barbaric Vanduul tribes, ransacking every colony, ship and space station they come across on one side, and anti-alien extremists, most vile of pirates, gangs and even some cults.

We once merely observed this status quo, thinking we could bring prosperity to the struggling people, even when XenoThreat and various bands of pirates roamed both Pyro and Stanton. We regretfully stood mostly idle in terms of making a difference, beyond the occasional call to volunteer for CDF.


We will not stand idly anymore while honest hardworking people face the choice of kneeling under corporate boots or being ruthlessly exploited by organized crime, trying to make a living! We will not stand idly while NineTails terrorize Orison and adjacent platforms! In pursuit of action, we will find new purpose, beyond supplying arms or humanitarian aid! We have to bear those very weapons we sold once upon a time to highest bidder, to resist Hurston's oppressive regime and its megaprison in disguise called Lorville! We have to resist the misguided XenoThreat. We have to take a stand against barbaric lizards!

We follow the footsteps of Anthony Tanaka and we will achieve a prospering, safe Nyx!

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