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Package 1
Rapid Medicine

Package 2

Package 3

Package 4
Chilly Awakening

Package 5
The Combine

Contains 2 of each injury masking Medical Pen and 6 Hemozal Medical Pens, 1 Paramed Medical Device, 6 Paramed Refill, 1 locally available pistol and one magazine.
Price: 10.000 UEC

Contains 4 Hemozal Medical Pens, 1 Greycat Pyro Multitool with all fitting attachments, 1 LifeCure Refill
Price: 8.000 UEC

Contains 8 CRUZ Lux OR 6 Vestal Water and 6 Packaged Food
Price: 4.000 UEC

Contains 4 portions of Ice Cream (flavor selected depending on local availability) and 4 bottles of coffee (milk, decaf, regular, selected depending on local availability)
Price: 5.000 UEC

Contains all of the other packages, pray they fit in one 0.125 SCU container together.
Price: 25.000 UEC

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