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Available Ship Rentals

Please Contact US for Rental Options

Aegis Ships

Anvil Ships

Crusader Ships

Several ships can be retrieved and unlocked for trial by aspiring pilots for a small fee, paid once per retrieval. Once trial ends ships must be repaired, replenished and refueled at CRU-L1 (Reclaimer to be parked at GrimHex).

Drake Ships

Aegis Reclaimer (Needs to be retrieved from a planetary location or GrimHex): 120.000 UEC + %10 cut from Salvage earnings
Aegis Hammerhead: 90.000 UEC
Aegis Vanguard Harbinger: 25.000 UEC
Aegis Eclipse (NEW): 40.000 UEC

Anvil F8C Lightning (NEW): 37.500 UEC
Anvil C8X Pisces Expedition: 7.500 UEC
Anvil Carrack: 100.0
00 UEC
Anvil F7C/F7CS/F7CR/F7CM Hornet: 17.500 UEC
Anvil Valkyrie (NEW): 30.000 UEC

Crusader C2/M2 Hercules Starlifter: 70.000 UEC
Crusader Mercury Starrunner: 30.000 UEC

Crusader Ares Inferno/Ion Starfighter: 25.000 UEC
Crusader A1 Spirit: 20.000 UEC
Crusader C1 Spirit: 15.000 UE

Drake Buccaneer: 10.000 UEC
Drake Corsair (May be unavailable majority of times): 30.000 UEC
Drake Caterpillar: 40.000 UEC
Drake Vulture: 22.500 UEC + %5 cut from Salvage earnings

RSI Ships

MISC/Mirai Ships

ARGO Ships

Origin Ships

RSI Constellation Andromeda: 50.000 UEC

Mirai Fury: 7.500 UEC
Mirai Fury MX: 8.000 UEC
Mirai Fury LX: 5.000 UEC
MISC Prospector: 10.000 UEC + %5 cut from Mining earnings
MISC Starfarer Gemini: 60.000 UEC

Argo MPUV Personnel: 3.000 UEC
Argo MOLE: 30.000 UEC + %10 cut from Mining earnings

Origin 85x Limited (NEW): 8.000 UEC
Origin 100i: 10.000 UEC

Origin 400i (NEW): 80.000 UEC
Origin 890 JUMP (NEW): 489.000 UEC

Esperia Ships

Esperia Glaive: 20.000 UEC

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